Le défi urbain de l’eau / The urban water challenge
Un Forum d’échanges pour comprendre les stratégies d’intervention des bailleurs de fonds, les instruments de financement dont ils disposent, leurs programmes et modalités d’intervention, et aborder au travers de discussions de nouvelles voies pour relever ensemble les grands défis d’un accès durable aux services urbains d’eau et d’assainissement.

A discussion forum designed to gain insights into the operational strategies of lending institutions, the funding instruments at their disposal, and their programmes and methods of intervention. The debate will focus on new ways of jointly tackling the major challenges inherent in providing sustainable access to public water supplies and sanitation utilities.

La Gouvernance de l’eau / Water Governance

La journée débutera par une présentation sur les processus du Forum Mondial de l’Eau (FME) à Montpellier qui est l’événement majeur international dans le domaine de l’eau ainsi que sur les préparations sur le thème de la gouvernance de l’eau lors de la prochaine édition qui aura lieu à Marseille en mars 2012. Ensuite, une table ronde avec interpretation simultanée en anglais français avec d’experts et de scientifiques traitera de la gestion des usages de l’eau (de l’offre à la demande), les exigences pour une gestion des eaux transfrontalières par bassin, les outils prioritaires qui permettent une décentralisation de la gestion sans perdre en efficacité.

Discussions will centre on the World Water Forum, water governance and innovation. After a general and short presentation of the World Water Forum, the challenges and the next World Water Forum, experts from the water sector will take part in a round table session to discuss good water governance, covering topics such as: getting the right balance in different uses of water, the impact and risks of global changes…

more : www.hydrogaia-expo.com Held in Monpellier with simultanious translation english french during conferences and round table discussions.


Can Translation impact your sales?
Here is the anwser of a study on 1000 potential clients done by one of my colleagues:

All started with a question:
Are you missing out on 83% of your customers?

So I decided to measure how effective translation can be and what the direct impacts are of the quality of translation on sales and profit. I took two short samples of existing texts translated into Polish.
The majority of buyers agreed that my translation encouraged them to buy, the text was clearer and provided a more user-friendly description of features. They also agreed that it contained significantly less hard sell.
One of them was about a popular electronic gadget and the other one was taken from a travel website.
I looked up the original texts in English and provided alternative translations of these two texts completed entirely by me. Then I hired a market research company to ask 1,000 potential buyers which texts worked better.
Both texts describe electronic devices used to play music.
The result?
After having questionned over 1,000 potentiel buyers have been asked and 83 per cent of them were more likely to buy a product or service accompanied by a good translation / my translation.

Over a third (30 %) were prepared to pay more for it, other things being equal. How much could you gain by hiring me to do your translations between Polish and English?

Meanwhile, 44.54 per cent of buyers were prepared to pay more just because of the quality of the translation.
The impact was even more staggering with the travel text.
The majority of buyers agreed that my text encouraged them to buy more, it was clearer and described the product better.

of customers are more likely to buy a product or service from you if you buy translation from me.

Combined, the results are clear:
83% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service from you if you buy translations from me.

According to respondents, there's a clear link between the quality of translation and the appeal of your product.
You could be reaching out to more leads and converting them to customers more easily. You could price your products higher. You could achieve your sales goals faster. You just need me to translate.
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