Dear colleagues,
On my recent assignment I met some great colleagues in Warsaw, Tarnow and Cracow. Today I have a request for one week in September or November 2017. Please advice if you are available or some one you can recommend and can send me an offer so I can propose a complete solution to my client. If you are based in Warsaw Poland or if by chance you know someone based in Warsaw and could provide this service?
Trainer is usually either from the US or Israel. Since many years now I have done my self numerous of this trainings either for phone companies like SFT / Bouygues or forensic for French and Swiss Police in Geneva. A lump sum is the preferred solution for the client. Follows description of the client:
<In case we decide to work with two interpreters, can you also include a proposal for renting the mobile audio equipment? 
Days are monday to friday. 
Some times Monday starts between ten and noon (teams have to set up the computers and material). Almost all sessions end on Friday noon lunch time or latest 15:00. 
Days are planned to be 9-17h. Is that local office working time?
Dates : 
5 days sometime in the first 2 weeks of September (we may have another one but it is not confirmed yet)
City: Warsaw as of today
the 2nd training later will be in another city
(Cities can be reversed, if it will all work out as planned for Poland)
similar setting to the training of the local team (Elef and his team have already interpreted in Paris and Geneva on a single interpreter base). 
Trainer has an alarm clock set on 40 minutes and participants have numerous practical exercises to do with their phones, tablets, devices; a pace when including a smokers brake etc that makes the conditions close to a booth; but not always. This is why for Brasil they ask for an offer for two interpreters.

Opition A : 
One interpreter, headsets for ten to 14 participants 
About 10 minute breaks every 40 minutes or so.
Option B: 
two interpreters with a mobile device 
number of participants: 10 to 14. 
Please feel free to forward to a colleague or if you could give me a quote for each or for both options>>
Please send an offer as for a subcontracting and tell me what the usual commission / end client would be if local. 
I’ll also need a CV (also from the ones we have already worked together, please send update).
Next step I’ll send your offer to the end client and they choose.
Any other information you need?
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