...Parliament can listen to secondby-second translation in the House of Commons during a colleague's speech. "If you can make the laws using simultaneous translation, why can't you interpret the laws using simultaneous translation?" Major asked.

"The court is like Parliament, in that respect," he (Major) said, referring to the fact that unilingual members of Parliament can listen to secondby-second translation in the House of Commons during a colleague's speech.

Belanger ...

the Official Languages Act, which was enacted amid language tensions during the 1960s, when he says both Liberal and Progressive Conservative governments understood that the country's ability to progress...

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interpreting for conferences, large and other meetings

Simultaneous interpretation is a service most popular amongst corporate clients and large organisations. It is also used for training staff on new equipment, motivate sales teams, or negotiations. These services are frequently used for conferences, large business meetings and smaller business meeting for example board or directors or committee meetings. As well as events to promote image, compensate and award recognition to best performing teams.

Interpreting for excellence demands highly specialised interpeters and … creativity

Concurrent interpretation is a highly specialised area of translation which demands complete and accurate oral translation. This performance is done at the same rate of speech as the speaker, with very short lag time. To master simultaneous interpretation requires the language and culture to be completely mastered and some soft skills as well. Knowledge of the topic being discussed must also be had, and above all training and a life time experience. 
As a member of several networks of freelance interpreters I can offer a simultaneous interpreting service for almost any situation involving large and small audiences. Whether a foreign delegate's speech needs to be interpreted for a large crowd or just whispered to some people or an individual, I'll be delighted to propose the most adapted solution for you.

Concurrent interpreting has also been described as whispering interpretation and is quite popular for site visits. If for example a manufacturing business is based in France, the UK, Luxembourg, or Austria and has European owners who want to visit a factory, or have a meeting with the unions or with the European Workers Council (EWC),  simultaneous interpreting may be best adopted either by whispering or even better by using mobile interpretation equipment because they are on the move for long periods.