Attention when not having an interpreter in any country you can end in prison!October 2016:

Chinese tourist was prisoned by mistake! He was considered for a refugee during 12 days in Germany.

After being robbed in the tourist town of Heidelberg, the man went (misleader by smartphone translation ?) to the city hall, which he thought was a police station, where he signed an asylum application...
Then he was then taken 360km to a refugee shelter in Duelmen and given food and spending money like other refugees.

All this chinese tourist tried to do was report a stolen wallet during a visit to Germany and ended unwittingly signed an asylum application that got him stranded as a refugee for two weeks.

The 31-year-old, known as Mr L, spoke only Mandarin.
German authorities only discovered their mistake after turning to a local Chinese restaurant (thanks got adhock interpreters also exist? ) to interpret for them, said a Red Cross official.

Be aware: one can spent 12 days trapped in a bureaucratic jungle because lack of communication and bad luck...

Official answer: Authorities said no one could understand the man as he did not speak German or English.


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As of this weel I go to Rouen interpreting for French Police french <> Greek and last time I've been asked to translate also German and... Arabic ;-)

When having a deposition or an EUOs (eaminaition under oath) consecutive interpretation is one of the options. This in order to allow to the videographer and the stenographer to take notes. Depending of the total "size" of the litigation many clients prefer the simmultaneous mode in order to "win" at least 50% of the interpretation time.