Update 2020 / 2021 : 

The Linguali team is now with iterprefy. Rsi Remote Simmultaneous interpretation plateform, service provider for events & iterpreters. One of the few plateformes tested and accepted from EU institutions February 2019. The other Rsi meeting event providers are VoiceBoxer, Interactio, Kudo and historical Webex. 

Major differences and more and more resemblances appear. The Zoom application does as of February 2021 still not allow interpreters to hear the floor and colleague without a 2nd device. 

Other familiar plateforms are InterpretCloud, QuaQua Meeting, Speakus, Ablio, Akkadu, Cymo, Olysei, Prolingo. 

... initial post: 

Over the last several years, the state of the interpreting market has deteriorated. There is an ongoing and constant pressure to reduce costs, and this has meant that interpreters are increasingly working in subpar conditions. They are using cabins and traditional equipment less and less, often having to resort to using bidule, or tour guide systems, which make working conditions more difficult.
James Anderson, the co-founder and President of Linguali, has been a conference interpreter for the past twenty years, and since 2008 he has been trying to find a solution to improve these conditions.

What works best? 

More ? visit www.linguali.com

I work on several platforms (Business Skype, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Interprefy (2nd level certification), Microsoft teams, Syntax, the globalpassword, Kudo certified, Speakus, Visio Notaires, Zoom, …)

Some basic definitions:

Consecutive Interpretation
Consecutive Interpretation is the oral conversion of the spoken word between two parties who do not share a common language. Could be two or maximum six persons. Typically, one participant makes a statement or asks a question in their native language, then sequentially, the statement or question is orally converted into the native language of the second participant by the interpreter. Notes are usually taken by the interpreter and sequences can one to several minutes.

Consecutive Interpretation is ideal for, but not only:

One-on-One Communication and Small Meetings.
Telephone Conversations or Remote Business Meetings. Remote interpretation existed already in the 1950 ;-)
Health Care Services for Communication Between Patients and Providers, Expertise for insurance purposes after an accident, for a litigation or patent.
Escort Interpretation for One-on-One Interpretation (Travel, Trade fair, Audit, training).
Single or Multiple Days, in some cases several weeks.
Accommodating Formal and Informal Conversation in all kind of environments.
Legal Meetings including, Depositions know as well as EUOs (eaminaition under oath), Hearings and Court Services, with a second interpreter as a checking interpreter in some cases.

Simultaneous Interpretation
Simultaneous Interpretation is real time oral conversion of language from one speaker to multiple listeners. This process requires high levels of concentration and often requires a team of two or more interpreters to sustain interpretation quality. As independent interpreters we have a rich resource pool of highly qualified, experienced interpreters who are industry experts.

Simultaneous Interpretation is ideal for:

High Attendance Meetings, Trade fairs and Events,
Television broadcasting, doubling and subtitling being slightly different domain,
Employee Training
Planing, roll out of industrial platforms or software solutions like updates of SAP or similar platforms

Depositions or EUOs Examinations Under Oath


Other names for VRI / RSI Video Remote interpretation / Remote simultaneous interpretation is

Teleconference interpreting.

VRI, Rsi or teleconference Interpreting is the one of the most efficient and cost-effective way of holding a small meeting where simultaneous or consecutive interpreters can call in from remote premises to serve, translate, interpret, your purpose, improve communication and understanding. As the interpreter does not have to travel to your chosen site, the fee is lower than that on site simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.