The humanitarian organisation Médecins du Monde

Doctors of the World is based on the voluntary commitment of medical professionals in France and abroad providing humanitarian assistance to people in need. 

To express themselves clearly, Médecins du Monde / Doctors of the World, an NGO specialised in health and humanitarian issues, relies on specialists in translation and interpreting at meetings, thematic conferences, coordination of projects, publications and information campaigns.
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Medical interpretation is ruled in very specific ways. For exemple in USA and France:
HIPAA Compliance for LSP Language Service Providers
Many hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities rely on language service providers for the means to communicate with their limited English, French, German, Greek or other language proficiency, as well as with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing clients. The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA prohibit the unauthorized sharing of medical records and personal identifiable information without patient consent. So, how do LSP (language service providers) like independent Interpreters, translators or translation and communication companies comply with HIPAA?
While health insurance and health care providers are directly covered HIPAA entities, the use of services from interpreters (interpreter definition) are not necessarily covered. However, the sharing of some information is needed not only for the interpreter to perform his/her job adequately, but also for the medical professional to diagnose or treat the patient. Here is how HIPAA rules apply to LSP / language companies:
First, foreign language interpreters are considered business associates ( under HIPAA legislation because they are not employed by the clinic, medical facility, or hospital utilising their services.  The sharing of patient information with a business associate (interpreter, translator) is only intended for the specific purpose as stated in a business contract between a provider and hospital or clinic.
LSP companies like independent freelance Interpreters, translator experts, sworn interpreters etc need to take preventative measures to contract interpreters who are for the USA HIPAA trained or in other countries équivalent trained and qualified. In addition to foreign language competency tests, screening, background checks and reference checks, Hipaa compliance (link 2 below) is the best way to guarantee the terms of the contract will not be violated.
It’s also of note that not only American Sign Language interpreters, but also many interpreters in other countries take an oath to uphold professional code of conduct outlined by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, or for exemple in France sworn legal interpreters take an oath and renew it peridocally. It is important to know that although this does not always holds legal merit, violation of the code is considered unethical, and such practices tarnish the interpreter’s reputation and limit ability to gain work as a contractor. In France this confidentiality oath and legal obligation is ruled by penal law just like lawyers and medical doctors (article 378 Code pénal français

It is a good practice to be familiar with HIPAA policies. It’s recommended for operations and compliance teams to train staff and implement in-house policies to regulate the well-being of patients.

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LSP and freelance Interpreters practices are in compliance with HIPAA legislation and RID (Registry of interpreters for the Deaf code of conduct. The contractors with whom an institution works are usually screened, trained and tested in-house, on the field, or by experience, in order to ensure the utmost professional services. VRI Video Remote interpretation is commun for hospitals in the USA and less in Europe / France. In recent years smartphone applications also deliver interpretation over the phone for medical / legal purposes.