REEBOCK produces shoes, clothes, equipment and accessories in the world of sports. Also Design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, sponsorship and broadcasting.

REEBOCK, a leading manufacturer of sports equipment, works occasionally with experts in interpreting and translation for auditing, financial reporting, coaching sales teams, documentation, marketing, advertising, legal obligations, human resources and strategic coordination.

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For its communication and sales events, Reebock, specialist in the field of sports equipment, hires from time to time, use voice talents, translators and interpreters, especially when communicating with its network, clients and some resellers.

The world's no.1 in facility services, ISS provides solutions for integrated services in the areas of cleaning, catering, support and technical maintenance of buildings and facilities.

ISS, formerly PROHYGENA, specialist in all sorts of facility services, employs translators and interpreters to exchange best practices, develop partnership projects, benchmark implementations, organise deployment to new countries and ensure the transfer of know-how.

January snap elections in Greece will be decisive for the country’s future in the eurozone, said the prime minister, on Tuesday 30/12/2014 after requesting parliament’s dissolution. 

Greece’s President Karolos Papoulias appears determined that the new Parliament to emerge from the January 25 elections will choose his successor, even if a government is not formed.
Sources told Sunday’s Kathimerini that Papoulias has been seeking advice over the last few days on how he should handle the situation after Greeks vote on Sunday 25/01/2015.

The country was forced into holding early elections after parliament failed on Monday 29/12/2014 to endorse Stavros Dimas, the government’s candidate for president. The presidential elections are indirect, meaning members of parliament elect the president.

According to the Greek constitution, if no party garners enough support to form a majority government, incumbent President Papoulias will give the leader of the top party three days to form a coalition. If he fails, then the president will have to invite the leader of the second party to try and form a coalition. If that does not work out either, the baton will go to the third party.

Remember back those days in the seventies, a human was the interface that the computer supported? 

Today we are a step closer!
Converting unfamiliar speech to text in Google Translate is currently an   awkward affair: you have to start a recording and wait until a moment after you're done to find out what the other person said. That's not exactly living up to the dream of a Star Trek-like universal translator, folks. However, the New York Times understands that Translating tools are about to get considerably smarter. Reportedly, an updated version of the mobile app (coming "soon") will automatically detect speech and translate it right away. All you'd really have to do is hold your phone up with the app running; important if you'd rather not go through a song-and-dance routine just to find out where the washrooms are.

Mission 4 interprètes à Marrakech allemand <> français ce jeudi 21/01/2015 recrutons une équipe composée de quatre interprètes pouvant assurer la traduction de l'allemand vers le français et vice versa, dans le cadre d'une réunion ministérielle  organisée par le Ministère marocain des affaires étrangères.

L’ agence prend en charge le billet d'avion le transfert et  l’hébergement.

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